Theelcome State, My name is Arthur Trunkowski. Developing a physiotherapy and mental training. I graduated from the School of Physiotherapy in Wrocław, the degree of master of physiotherapy. I graduated from the direction “Applied Psychology of Sport” in the School of Social Sciences in Wroclaw. In my practice, I use interdisciplinary a combination of many fields of knowledge, so that the rehabilitation process is more efficient, and the outcome of permanent.

Of 2012 been running a private practice healing. Although not a long duration of action of the Cabinet, I moved over 200 effective long-term treatment of patients with various diseases. On your account have more than 500 satisfied customers, who have used a variety of massage therapies and beauty. Especially takes me treatment of lifestyle diseases known as soft tissue pain of unknown origin, back pain, posture and rehabilitation before and after surgery.

Currently practicing individual therapy with the patient's access to the premises. I work with the Wroclaw Hospice for children and dealing with counseling and rehabilitation equipment sales. I greet and invite you to contact.